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Helpers Haven Community is created by a group of former MAVRODI MONDIAL MOVEMENT Enthusiast. Whose  aim is to actualize Financial Apocalypse and the community is built on blueprints of his tenets. Having  taken time to modify the procedure and activity of the Mavrodi Mondial Movement Community, a lot of measures have been added to help drive the success of the community.


Helpers Haven is a community where people help each other with a mission towards achieving Financial Revolution and Liberation from Poverty through donation exchange. . Helpers Haven gives you a technical platform which helps millions of participants around the world to connect those who needs help to those who are ready to provide help for free based on the principle of Benevolence, Reciprocity and Gratuitousness.


Helpers Haven is unique with the usage of Local Currencies to achieve its vision of empowering participants to enable them contribute immensely towards the development of their economy.