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2019-08-06 04:58:13

Greetings to all members,


We are pleased to inform you that the implementation of new features is completed. These new features are designed to ensure that community remains stable at all time. As much as we believe in freewill donation, yet we are much more concern about protection of members funds and longevity of this community.


The feature includes;                                                         

There are no breaks, holidays or time extensions during public holidays in Helpershaven. All activities will go on smoothly as always, members are enjoined to make use of the various modes of making transactions to attend to orders if banks are on holidays.


Members can only Provide Help once a month with a single Provide Help Order ranging from  N10,000 - N150,000  and N160,000 - N300,000 for those who have met the Provide help increase limit.


Time frames for making payment orders have been reviewed. Commitment payment for PH orders is now 24 hours while Friday orders only as 72 hours and 48 hours for the remaining days of the week.


Commitment PH of Defaulters will be forfeited and other Haven accrued in such account as there account will be blocked permanently and deleted automatically from the system, you are advised not to use the PH button without having your cash at hand.


Members are required to PH and pay the 20% commitment of their new PH order before you can GH successfully.


These features are Anti-Hit-and-Run as some members have started GHing without PHing and this is detrimental to the growth and continuity of the community. This features are put in place to secure and sustain the community from the rowdiness and artificial rush for GH that comes with festivities and festive periods.


Thank you  as always for your loyalty and unwavering commitments, be assured that HelpersHaven is most unique Peer-to-peer platform, transparent, safe, sustainable and with honest and loyal members.


Together we get empowered.


2019-07-23 08:18:13

Greetings to all Members,


We are pleased to inform all members that the advert campaign platform of Helpershaven has been launched. We want to congratulate every member of the community for this achievement and for believing in the empowerment goal of Helpershaven.


Helpershaven Adverts is an opportunity to showcase your businesses to members of the community all around Nigeria because of the growing population of the community in every part of the community.


Helpershaven platform advert options includes pay per impression for either a banner ad, a video ads


An impression is simply a view of your ad. It could be a banner ad, video ad. If the same person sees your ad multiple times, they’ll count as multiple impressions. Which means every members of the community gets to see your advert each time they are logged in and the dashboard is displayed. The image banner ad size is 1170px by 150px. While the minimum video ad duration should not be less than 10secs.


In appreciation of your loyalty and commitment every active member of Helpershaven gets a free 1000 impressions for adverts places  for the next 30days


Members who desire to enjoy the free advert trial should design their image (1170px by 150px ) and have it submitted via support.


Thank you for your unending commitment.


Together we get empowered


2019-07-17 08:49:36



In our bid to eliminate issues of defaulters, phone number verification as been implemented as it’s been noticed that many of the defaulters who refuse to honor their Provide Help request and those who refuse to confirm reception of payment are members that can’t be reached with the phone number they provided.


Member are requested to go and verify their phone numbers in their back office, as this will enable Members providing Help contact the Members Getting Help and vice versa and this verification can only be done once.


Every member whose phone number is not verified won’t be able to Get Help when they make the Get Help request. This measure is put in place to flush out the unserious and inactive members from the community, most especially defaulters so that the serious participants would not be going through unnecessary stress.



Step 1: Login to your back office

Step 2: Click on my page section

Step 3: Click on my page and scroll down the page


Step 4: Under phone number column, Click verify to input your phone number and click send OTP to receive and SMS code (Do not click back button or refresh, just wait for the code) (Deactivate DND before this action).

Step 5: Input the code and click confirm.


With this measure in place everyone would be reachable to respond to the activities in their back office. Regards.


Together we get empowered.

A Milestone as been Achieved

2019-07-15 07:24:26

6th months of togetherness and empowerment


Greetings to you,


We are appreciating God as a community for the past days and thanking every Member of HelpersHaven for giving us a wonderful opportunity to serve you in the past 6 months. It is our desire to keep protecting your interest and ensuring more members are empowered. Your continuous participation is our inspiration in doing our very best. Thank you for your loyalty and support.

It’s amazing to know that 282 members have received donations in the last 30 days. This implies a minimum of 9 members is empowered daily, and a whopping 40% growth above our previous 30 days.


A sustainable, formidable and an empowered community is our priority because we know that together we can get more lives changed and more members empowered.


We value you and we would stay true our commitments to stay dependable and empowering every member through your donations Do not forget to share your testimonies with friends and family as our strength is in the numbers, the more members we have the stronger we becomes..


Happy Anniversary


Together we get empowered


2019-07-10 17:17:19

Notice to all members,




Dear Member,


HELPERSHAVEN Community is created with the aim to make every member show compassion and benevolence to each other and that it is stated to only participate with what you can afford at that point in time so that when it’s time to honour the PROVIDE HELP request you are able to respond swiftly and the recipient is encouraged.


In the past few weeks, the rate at which members default in payment of 80% balance of their PROVIDE HELP orders  as become alarming and as such putting other members in an undue or unexpected stress whenever they are to receive payment.


It has become imperative for the admin to implement strict disciplinary measures to curb and/or eliminate this trend which as been putting other members in an undue or unexpected stress whenever they are to receive donations.


Two new rules are detailed below:

1. Blocked account will be unblocked after 7 days from date of written support.


2. Defaulters upon been unblocked and will wait for 30 days before GH is matched unlike what it use to be before where members only wait for the  period their  inactivity.


Every member is expected to understand that the community is founded on strict terms and measures which every member should abide by.


These rules will be followed to the latter as serenity must be restored as this kind of misconduct in this community is unappreciable and intolerable. Let's have it in mind that it’s not just about the donations but the act of kindness when compassion is shown without  anybody been stressed.



Together we get empowered.


2019-06-22 11:35:45

Notice to all members,


The support team has been receiving complaints about members using fake and wrong phone numbers and as such putting other members in an undue or unexpected stress whenever they are to pay or receive payment.

Henceforth, you are thereby informed to correct your mobile number details in ‘My Page’ section as failure to do so will result in unmatched GH.


Together we get empowered.


2019-06-15 05:14:39

Cheers to our 5th months of unwavering empowerment


Greetings to you,


We are appreciate God for the past days and appreciate you  our valued members for believing in us. It has been a privilege to serve you and thank you for coming this far with us and for building a strong and formidable community.


We can’t deny that lives are been touched and individuals are getting empowered daily. It’s amazing to know that 200 members have received donations in the last 30 days. This implies an average 7 members is empowered daily, and a whopping 66% growth above our 30 days.


None of this success stories would have been possible without your freewill donations and particularly your unwavering support.


A sustainable, formidable and an empowered community is our priority because we know that together we can get more lives changed and more members empowered.


We value you and we would stay true our commitments to stay dependable and empowering every member through your donations.


Happy 5th month anniversary, Cheers.


Together we get empowered


2019-06-12 14:19:58


We appreciate every member for your tremendous effort in growing the community making sure that activity of the community keeps running smoothly by your freewill donations.


There had been an increase in support tickets lately with regards to disapproval of “LETTER OF HAPPINESS” of members. It has been observed that many members are not writing their “LETTERS OF HAPPINESS” according to the format described in the LOH section which always met with disapproval by the Admin.


A detailed format of how the “LETTER OF HAPPINESS” should be written is attached below. Kindly follow this detailed format and your letters of happiness would be approved.


The admin would like to gladly inform you that in celebration of the 5th month anniversary, Leaders bonuses as been released and made available for withdrawals.


Congratulations to all the leaders who have earned bonuses and we would implore newly upgraded leader and intending leaders to grow their structure. The community values your contributions as leaders and would want to implore you all to continue growing the community and get more people empowered.


Henceforth, any members without a running PH for a period of 21days and above will lose all earned bonuses in the system.


Best Regards

Eid Mubarak!

2019-06-04 03:17:52

Eid-Mubarak, wishing you memorable times with your family and lots of success in life.


2019-05-31 06:22:37

Dear Members,


Greetings to you All,


This is to congratulate all those who were able to meet the requirements and get upgraded as leaders.


From today, the criteria is now 20 active referrals as the leaders bonus get released tomorrow 1st of June 2019 for withdrawals for those who have earned leaders bonus.


The percentage of leader bonuses that would be released for withdrawal will be 10% of your Donation (PH) from earned leader bonus.


We also use this medium to inform all leaders that you need to keep a minimum of 10 active member and also increases to 20 active members over the time to avoid been downgraded as this will be verified on monthly basis.


Note: Leaders Bonuses are credited after full payment of Donation (Provide Help) has been completed and confirmed.


Best Regards